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The filming of Godspell (1973) behind the scenes

Watch Merrell win "Best Trouper" award, The New Performers Chicagoland 1971

Godspell/Stephen Schwartz

Godspell Fan Site

YouTube video - watch clips of Merrell and Company as you listen to the song "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins.

Another YouTube video of Merrell and Company set to the song, "Right Beside You" by Sophie B. Hawkins

Tribute video to Merrell, David, Lynne and Jeffrey

Jeffrey Mylett's Tribute Page


Lynne Thigpen's Tribute Page


David Haskell's Tribute Page


A bit of bittersweet trivia: In the picture below, the cast is singing "All for the Best" and dancing atop the not-yet-completed World Trade Center (1972).

From Katie Hanley:

"The elevator in the WTC didn't go up to the top floor, because there WASN'T a top floor yet. They were in the midst of building, so early in the morning we all had to walk up quite a few flights of stairs to the highest point of completion. The crew set up two hibachi ovens on each stair because, at that height, the wind was powerful and cold. There were no walls, only the steel beams. We could see out and down to the city below as the sun was rising. It was unbelievable. There aren't words for the impact and devastation of 9/11. What an honor to have been so intimately acquainted with that amazing city."


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