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Merrell Jackson

April 26, 1952 - February 23, 1991

Without the musical GODSPELL, the majority of us would have never known about the incredibly talented Merrell Jackson. If you've landed on this tribute page, chances are you've been touched by the 1973 movie starring Victor Garber as Jesus.

If your volume is on, that ear candy you hear is Merrell singing "All Good Gifts" by composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz. (Stay on this page if you want to hear the whole song. Opening another page will stop the music - sorry!) Merrell's innocence, playfulness, joy and enthusiasm jump out at you throughout the movie and stay in your heart for a very long time. Even though God called him home just before his 39th birthday, because of GODSPELL, Merrell will always be with us.

Three other actors from GODSPELL have passed on, and they each have their own tribute pages. They include Lynne Thigpen, Jeffrey Mylett, and David Haskell. Click on "Related Links" at the top left to view their pages.

Most people are familiar with "Day by Day" but each song from the movie is alive with folk-pop melodies and harmonies that inspire. (All songs were birthed from the talented Stephen Schwartz, with the exception of "By My Side," by Peggy Gordon.) Many people call 70's music "hippie music" but I prefer to call it "happy music!"

Merrell captivates you with his infectious smile, and reminds us of everything that was happy about the 70's. He is childlike, spontaneous, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and who wouldn't want to be his best friend?

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Long live Merrell!





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